Our shark fin cooking and Peking duck are special and popular among the regular customers.

  We willingly hear your requests for cooking and/or seasoning.  Please don't hesitate to tell us about your favorite.

Menu as of May, 2016

Including Tax

Specials of Kaseiro Kamakura

S: for 2-3 persons / M: for 4-6 persons

Thick soup of Kamakura Shirasu, Spinach, and other seafood. 鎌倉銀魚海鮮

\2,263 / \3,395

Fried Shrimp and Ginkgo with the XO Shoyu (XO soy sauce) XO銀杏蝦仁

\3,024 / \4,536

Chicken wrapped in a thin rice pancake 鶏米包餅

\2,160 ( 4 pancakes) / \3,240 (6)

Fried Greens with garlic 蒜爆A菜

\1,728 / \2,592

Fried Pea sprout 清炒豆苗

\1,728 / \2,598

Fried noodles with Shrimp and Crab 蝦蟹炒麺


- Course menu -

We would take the course cooking from two people.

*10% service charge will be added for the course menu.

*To be changed depending on the market situation.

Lunch course

\3,000 course

Four cold appetizers 四種類の前菜
Fried Shiba-shrimp and Greenpeace with salt 芝エビとグリーンピース塩炒め
Spring roll 華正樓特製春巻き
Fried Chicken with Cashew nuts 鶏肉とカシューナッツの炒め
White gourd-melon and clam soup 蛤と冬瓜のスープ

Okoge rice and the thick sauce with vegetables. 五目野菜のおこげ
Steamed rice partially (intentionally) well burnt to be a little crispy, then poured thick soup on.


See other course Menu

A La Carte & Drink

* As for a la carte, please look at the menu at the house when you visit us.  Not to mention the ever popular Chinese food, we offer the delicious dishes using the ingredients of the season.


* We have a variety of Chinese liquor and other kinds of drinks such as beer, wines and whiskey etc.


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